Taste of NYC: Spotting Dom Vetro


A new spotting and a new find. I love unique accessories and the fine details they display, so when I ran into Ashley Bezamat on the corner of Mott and Prince Streets, I couldn’t help but notice his sunglasses designed by Dom Vetro. These glasses are on the top of my wish list this season. I have always loved my Persols, but Dom Vetro is a clear winner for their slick, minimalist designs that are handmade to give you the perfect fit for your face. Case in point: Ashley’s sunglasses look like they were custom made precisely for his visage. And actually, Dom Vetro glasses are handmade by master craftsmen in the Italian Alps–an area in Italy where they have been specializing in glasses production for hundreds of years. Supporting style, tradition and people…Dom Vetro is pure perfection and very 21st Century.

Source: Qui Style in Savannah

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